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Our Fees are tax-deductible and includes the following services:

One-Time Entity Setup Fee $350

+ LLC/PLLC Setup: Articles of Organization filed with your state's Secretary of State (Note: your state may charge a fee to open an LLC - this is billed separately at cost)

+ FEIN creation

+ S Corp election Form 2553

One-Time Payroll Setup Fee $350

+ Setup of Federal Withholding account for S Corp

+ Setup of State Withholding and Unemployment Insurance accounts for your S Corp


Annual Fee
for S-Corp
+ 401k

For clients with less than $300k of annual 1099 income:

Tax services

+ Preparation of your 1040 personal federal income tax return and up to 2 state returns

+ Preparation of your 1120 S Corporate tax return for your S Corporation

+ Advising of a reasonable salary for your S Corporation

+ Annual tax projections for estimated/withholding tax payments

+ Answers for tax questions from your CPA throughout the year with no billable hours and phone consultations on an as-needed basis

Payroll services

+ Annual salary payroll services, including calculation and payment of payroll tax on your reasonable salary and submission of your Federal and State tax payments

+ Filing of your S Corp payroll reports – Quarterly Federal 941/940s, State wage reports, and end of year reporting

Brokerage services

+ Opening and maintenance of a non-prototype 401k and access to a range of portfolios, including a portfolio of 100% low cost-ETFs

+ Issuance of annual plan documents

+ Submission of Form 5500

+ Calculation of employer/employee contribution levels for your solo 401k


Annual Fee for S-Corp
+ DB Plan
+ 401k


For clients with 1099 income OVER $300k

All of the GOLD PLAN plus:

+ Defined Benefit Cash Balance plan (no additional fee for setup – a $1500 value)

+ Annual actuary calculations for plan maximum contribution levels

+ Schedule SB signed by licensed actuary

+ Submission of Form 5500

+ Issuance of annual plan documents

Services Available


We can shop for low cost term life insurance and own-occupation disability insurance for you at no cost. We also offer a credit toward your annual tax services invoice if you purchase a policy through us!

Other Business Assistance

Additional LLC/Corporate setup, cost segregation studies for real estate investments, real estate syndication investments, issuance of K1s, and other accounting services can be provided for additional fees.


A Note on our Service Providers:

Tax Services are provided through a registered CPA who is also a JD and specializes in small business and real estate taxes, and has personally filed 3000+ S Corp returns without audit.


Solo 401ks and DB plan funds are custodied at Interactive Brokers, a large, reputable brokerage similar to Fidelity or Schwabb, and plans are serviced and managed by an SEC-registered, fiduciary wealth management firm.

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