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The Standard of Care for Taxes

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With our extensive knowledge of tax law, our team has a comprehensive approach to saving most of our qualified clients tens of thousands of dollars per year in taxes.

We use tax-leveraged retirement accounts and proper corporate structures to decrease tax liability and help self-employed individuals qualify for the 199A Tax Cuts and Jobs Act program.  

1099 Tax Doctor will complete all of the necessary paperwork to apply for the proper licenses, tax accounts, savings accounts, and more to allow our clients to keep more of their hard-earned money each year.

For one single fee, we enact a comprehensive strategy which includes personal and corporate tax preparation, payroll, retirement vehicle setup, and tax optimization.  We guarantee our work - if we save you less than you pay us, we refund the difference, so there is no risk involved!


We handle everthing for one transparent up-front fee.  And we give you a detailed projection of how much you stand to save in taxes before you pay us anything - so you can make an educated decision.


If we save you less than you pay us, we refund the difference.  If we don't save you any money, you pay nothing.


1099 Tax Doctor handles every part of the process - from corporate setup to payroll, accounting, tax preparation, financial planning and investment vehicles - economy of scale allows us to provide a high quality product at a fraction of the price you would pay if you purchased these services individually.

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