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"My wife and I, both physicians, explored multiple tax mitigation strategies over several years through several CPAs and financial advisors, and we were successful in saving a few thousand dollars here and there. Everything changed when we were introduced to the 1099 Tax Doctor team. We were stunned by the extent of potential tax saving opportunities that still existed, most of which were completely unknown to us.  Several of the more exciting and beneficial options initially seemed complicated, but with their expertise and guidance, these quickly became both coherent and possible. While intentionally avoiding any increased audit risk, we saved nearly $40,000 in 2018 following their recommendations and actually WORKED LESS (difference made up in tax savings), and we expect to save closer to $55,000 in 2019. My wife and I feel extremely fortunate to have come across this incredible and -- considering our significant financial gains -- reasonably priced service; frankly, we wish we had met them earlier!  We absolutely (and actively) are recommending 1099 Tax Doctor to our professional colleagues." 

Eric B., MD

"My wife and I for years have wondered how to best maximize our tax strategies.  We have questioned friends, CPAs and financial advisors without much insight or savings.  Each year we never had a succinct or comprehensive plan and managed to save only a few thousand dollars.  Everything changed when we met the 1099 Tax Doctor team.  After a brief meeting we were impressed by the teams’ vast knowledge and expertise.  Quickly we were provided a cohesive plan to reduce our overall tax burden.  The 1099 Tax Doctor team provided several solutions that we had not been introduced to in the past.  Despite the complex nature of their plan they guided us through the entire setup and implementation process.  Following the plan created by the team at 1099 Tax Doctor we were able to reduce our 2018 tax burden by over $75,000.  We recommend 1099 Tax Doctor to anyone who would like a unique approach and plan to controlling their taxation."

Aaron G., DO

"I am a physician practicing as an independent contractor/1099 for the past seven years. I have often felt I have not been guided in the most tax advantageous way by previous groups. I was recommended to the team at 1099 Tax Doctor for 2018. They thoroughly investigated my situation and provided me with multiple tax and retirement strategies. The 1099 Tax Doctor team saved me a significant amount on my taxes. They were always available and answered my numerous questions and concerns. I will be using their team again for 2019. I highly recommend this group."

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